Building a High Performance Sales and Marketing Team

UPDATE August 30, 2016: With all the distractions in the news about the 2016 presidential election, some people have mistaken my comments about hiring “culturally-aligned” employees as a discriminatory practice. I want to be explicit in saying that workplace diversity is as important as national diversity. I support diversity in the workplace and have served as an advocate of hiring diversity. People of all cultures, races, and creeds can share common workplace values and it is those workplace values that I refer to when I speak of hiring culturally-aligned employees. Workplace values such as customer appreciation, innovation, empathy, honesty, reliability, personal exceptionalism, etc. are the values that make up a “Company Culture”. A company culture is very different and distinct from a national, religious, racial, or ethnic culture.

Throughout my career I have been privileged to be coached and mentored by some of the top performers in sales, marketing, and human resources. I worked for companies that wrote the book on branding. I consulted with numerous organizations on business processes improvements. I advised senior executives on talent acquisition and retention and I helped companies refocus their company culture. With all this experience, I’ve synergized the best practices from these disciplines into an overall strategy for achieving peak performance in revenue generation and customer retention. It is important to note that a peak performance sales organization requires a peak performance organization creating and delivering the products and services being sold. The whole organization must support the sale with credible proof of the brand promise and it must follow through after the sale to deliver the promise. Failure at any point in the process undermines trust and erodes sales performance.

Is your brand “trusted”?

building a high performance sales and marketing team

The Key to Peak Sales Performance

Most problems with lackluster sales can be traced to a lack of trust in the brand. Trust should be a primary goal of your selling and marketing activities. It is simple, when customers trust your brand they buy your products and services. Trust is both learned and earned. The first pillar of building trust is consistency; consistency in messaging, consistency in quality, consistency in fulfillment, and consistency in customer experience. When all arms of your organization work in harmony to deliver a consistent customer experience, trust is earned. Repetition of a consistent customer experience teaches your consumer to expect a similar result whenever they come into contact with your brand. Trust is created by the people in your organization. It begins with the people in your organization consistently delivering the promise of your brand. Therefore, every employee in your company from the CEO down to the receptionist is part of your sales and marketing team. It is critical that you hire the “right” people if you are going to build a high performance sales and marketing team.

Building a high performance sales and marketing team begins with a strong vision from your executive team and values-based hiring practices. Your executive team must set forth a written set of business values to form the foundation for your company culture then hire managers and workers whose personal value system aligns with the business values. When it comes to hiring employees, it is true that “one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch”. This is especially true in leadership and sales roles. When employees personal values align with the company values, a culture is created where people are empowered to make good and desirable decisions. Employees don’t have to guess what the right thing to do is, they innately understand because of the company culture; a culture that aligns with their personal value system.

Next I’m going to share with you the keys to successfully hiring talent that will energize your organization and elevate it to peak performance. Then I’m going to show you how the “right” salespeople can leverage their instinct to reach peak performance using the savvy tools created by your marketing team.

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WordPress Websites for Business Owners

WordPress for Business Owners

Why Do I Want a WordPress Website?

WORDPRESS is the next big thing for the web! Websites built on the WordPress platform are powered by a robust content management system to keep your job of creating content simple.Web sites developed using WordPress are search engine friendly and easily optimized.? You can have a highly customized and uniquely branded website without changing the core WordPress code. The software is free to use and new features are constantly being developed by a global network of software engineers. With over 65 million downloads, WordPress is here to stay.

WordPress makes your job of creating and managing content easy. There is no need to be a programmer. If you are knowledgeable enough to use word processing software like Microsoft Word then you already know enough to create web pages and post articles to your blog. If you know how to post a photo to Facebook, you already have the skills needed to add images to your website.? Many web hosting companies have one click installs for WordPress to make the installation quite painless. You can completely change the look of your website with one click using one of the free template designs. If you are a business owner and want a branded design, you will need someone to install the software, customize the look and feel, and configure plugins for additional functionality.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free, open source, software platform for web and blog development. WordPress began as blog software in 2003 and is now used on over 60 million blog sites. WordPress evolved into an extensive content management system (CMS) and now serves as the development platform for full feature websites. According to Web Technology Surveys (as of June 16, 2014), 22.4% of all websites are powered by WordPress. Additionally, WordPress is by far the most popular content management system on the Internet with a 60.2% market share. The closest WordPress competitor, Joomla, enjoys a meager 8.2% market share.

WordPress is available without cost. It is licensed under the terms of the Free Software Foundation’s General Public License (GPL). GPL allows anyone to use or modify the software and requires that any derivative works to also be licensed for free with the same terms. This means that the software is free, it always will be free, and it will continue to grow with free enhancements. Read More »

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SEO: The Cobbler’s Children Have New Shoes

It’s finally happened, I found the time to update my business website to a WordPress engine. WordPress is so easy to use and it’s architecture is SEO ready.

New Shoes (SEO)

My former “static” website was designed using Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver for a completely custom look but it was not easy to add content — it was static. My sales and marketing messages must adapt to a changing business environment. The static website made it challenging to evolve with the changes. It was difficult to add pages and put them into the menu structure. I also needed a blog to post new content and feed the search engines. I was able to reorganize my content and adapt the clean design of my static site to WordPress in about two days. Then things got fun as I added some dynamic components including a blog with social media commenting, social log-in, and site search.

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