Blogs are the heart of your Internet marketing platform

The popularity of the Internet and the viral growth of social media sites, like Facebook, have permanently changed the way people live and shop. Traditional methods of direct mail and other “push” media are now obsolete without a social media “pull marketing” strategy.

Blogs are one of the most cost-effective methods of integrating push and pull marketing strategies.

Blogs are a highly adaptable way to communicate with customers and prospects. Posting relevant information and stories on your blog then sharing them on your social media sites opens doors and surgically targets prospects — prospects who have invited you to sell to them.

We offer turn key solutions to creating, growing and maintaining blog sites. We set up the domain and hosting, install software, configure a unique look with custom photography, research and install plug-in applications, write articles, train your people, and keep your software current.

One of the best parts of our solution is that the software is free. We build your blog with WordPress, one of the most popular open source packages used around the world by large and small companies.

Ask us how a blog can increase your sales.

The connection between blogs and social media

Blogs enable the development of an online following based on your field of expertise. When used properly, blogs provide useful information to your customers and prospect base. Your goal is to develop a following on your blog and have your followers recommend your blog to others.

It is important to create articles of interest to your followers and stay on message. The more pertinent and useful your articles are, the more followers you will have — and those followers will be customers and prospects.

The power of your blog is amplified when you share your articles on social media sites. Develop a social media presence for your business. Create a Facebook page for your business, “like” the page on your personal profile and ask your friends, customers, and associates to also “like” the page. When you share a link to your blog it shows up on your page feed, the feed of the your friends, and people who liked your page. Friends of your friends will see the articles and may join your business page. This is social media and it serves one of the most targeted audiences you can prospect.

Blogs and social media are great tools for sales and marketing, but it must be done with finesse; we can show you how.

Writing content for your blog

News articles about stakeholders always generate interest. These articles are a great way to push testimonials and success stories across the social media web and pull in new prospects. One beautiful aspect of stakeholder articles is their shelf life — it is enormous when customers link to your blog from their business websites.

We create content with custom photography and ghost writer services. Together we set up an editorial calendar to write articles. We may cover events and schedule meetings to interview and photograph your clients, employees, partners, investors, and/or suppliers.

With your WordPress blog installed, creating content is as simple as desktop publishing. New pages and posts are created inside a text editor with many features similar to Microsoft Word.

WordPress supports collaborative workflow by allowing multiple people to edit and review content before it is published. For those with knowledge of HTML, there is an HTML editor for fine tuning the finished article.

Your blog articles are one component of an integrated marketing program. With compelling photos and journalistic articles, your marketing stories will go viral.