Book Design Services

At samdobrow creative, we offer book design services to create strategic marketing collateral – marketing collateral designed to last for years. Books can play an important role in your marketing plan. Books are considered to have lasting value. They should be beautifully designed and produced with a quality commensurate of their anticipated useful life. With the rise of Print-on-Demand (POD) books, anyone can create a high quality book and produce it in limited quantities for very targeted audiences. Our book design services take your book beyond the simple templates provided by POD vendors. We design your book using Adobe InDesign for a completely custom look and layout.

Print-on-Demand (POD) books are a great solution when you have a special target audience you want to reach with a lot of organized visual content. These high quality promotional items can be economically produced with the quality of high-end magazine printing which is not as stringent as desired for fine art book printing.

Books can be placed on a table or a shelf, easily moved, shipped and shared. They condense a lot of information into a small space. With the growing popularity of digital tablets and e-books, POD books are also making their way to compact digital devices.

POD books are a new way to market and communicate. With POD, it is possible to make a single book or small runs at costs that are not possible with offset printing. This technology has surfaced new ideas for marketing. Products from high-end “look books” in the fashion industry to fund-raising tools in the not-for-profit industry are emerging when businesses want to make a bold statement or target a high-end client.

samdobrow creative helped the Purple Pansies Foundation grow its corporate sponsorship by photographing their annual fundraising event and producing coffee table books as keepsakes for top sponsors. Sponsors are glad to share their involvement in charity and community service. These books made a lasting impression as they found their way to corporate lobbies and HR departments. A personal thank you note can be hand written inside the cover by the CEO of the fundraising organization acknowledging their support.

Clients can start with a handful and reorder at anytime in any quantity as well as allow the general public to purchase online.