Catalog Design

We offer full-service catalog design services to clients requiring photography. We design a look and feel for the catalog, source talent, photograph the product, process the images, layout the pages, interface with the print shop, and manage the project from concept through production.

Fashion Catalog

This requires clean photography – well lit with accurate colors. The studio set-up must consider how the images are to be used in the catalog design and allow for re-purposing each image within the page layouts.

Catalog design is a reflection on your business. Catalogs are critical sales tools to show your customer what they are buying. Catalogs convey the quality of your products through the images, print quality, paper weight, and color accuracy. In a nutshell, good catalog design builds trust with your customer and trust leads to more sales.

Assembling a team of models, make-up artists, hair stylists, wardrobe stylists, and assistants requires good project management, people skills, and communication skills. On the set, creative direction channels talent into a cohesive vision for the shoot, completing it on time and within budget.

The textual elements of good catalog design include clearly labeled part numbers with readable fonts laid out without creating clutter on the page. Background images add interest to the page without competing with the product for attention.

Order forms and price lists are designed for easy use and the data has to be carefully verified to eliminate typographical errors during catalog design.

The entire workflow from photography to print is color managed to assure the catalog accurately depicts the products being sold.