Fine Art Book Design

Artists with a large body of work are using fine art books to present their works to art buyers and collectors alike. These high quality photo books offer collectors a way to make an investment in the work of an artist without necessarily devoting a large wall in their home or office. Galleries and agents can present an entire portfolio to potential buyers who may like the work of the artist but are not sold on the single piece on display.

Print on Demand (POD) books are a new way to market and communicate. With POD, it is possible to make a single book or small runs at costs that are not possible with offset printing. Print costs vary widely based on the quality of the printing, paper, cover, and binding options. Many of the POD vendors such as Blurb and Shutterfly offer templates for amateur book designers but these ready-to-use templates are very limited and require undesirable cropping of images. Serious projects should be professionally designed and organized without the use of these amateur templates.

samdobrow creative uses Adobe Photoshop and InDesign to create a custom design and layout for print-on-demand books. Each page is custom designed to create a full bleed page image which can be assembled without templates on POD publishing sites.