Technology: WordPress

WordPress TechnologyWordPress is acknowledged as one of the worlds most popular blog and content management software packages. Since its debut in 2003, its popularity has grown as an “open source” software project. WordPress is used by 15% of Alexa’s “top 1 million” websites and is estimated to power 22% of all new websites. The software is maintained by thousands of developers who dedicate their time to improving the features and functionality.

WordPress is free to use and many web hosting providers offer it in their basic packages. Once installed and configured, it takes only a little technical knowledge to operate and maintain; but like any technology product, it does require some training and time to learn the capabilities.

We install and configure WordPress, research the best themes and plug-ins to customize your website, develop custom images and written content to provide a unique experience, and train you how to develop and post your own content.

Under a retainer agreement, we keep the software up to date and manage your hosting environment.

This website was developed on the WordPress platform.